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White water rafts, E bikes, rafting equipment. Stuff that makes you happy. Good gear for the Great New Zealand Outdoors.  take a look what we have, and in the words of the great TV Commercial, but wait, there's more....

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A raft shouldn't have it's picture taken sitting in the backyard, but these are hot off the press and we haven't had time to do a photoshoot on the river yet.

BUT if you know a good looking boat then you'll be able to recognise one. This is the RED420

4.2 metres long. Three thwarts. Self bailing . Designed for New Zealand conditions. A great size for Motu, Clarence extended trips or whitewater fun on your favourite river

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This is the little guy of the RED family the RED 390

Three point nine metres of river fun. But don't be fooled by it's size. This is a small boat with a big heart. Perfect for headwaters trips or a group that are into whitewater fun at any level. Two removable thwarts, self bailing floor and a sporty underwater profile makes this boat a pleasure to paddle or row.









RED 420 Video walk around-YOUTUBE link

Click on the pic and have a look at the 420 on YouTube.

More video to come soon

RED  390 on test-YOUTUBE Link

And here is the 390 on test at Wero Whitewater Park in Auckland. That's Ian Ferguson driving , having a good time it seems..

Click on the pic and watch the fun at Concrete Creek.


See the RED390 on Mohaka river Te Hoe drop section

Click on the pic next door to connect to YOUTUBE

A really good reason to look after our rivers.

We've heard a lot about water quality and losing our rivers at a rate we've never seen before. Well, it's not just fish dying and water quality-it's public health. Trust me-I have skin in the game. In 2013 i got a waterborne infection  that nearly killed me, after 4 years of nastiness.. Luckily I had a smart surgeon looking after me and I didn't die-obviously. But it was close. So get out on a river, and tell people how important it is that we look after them and clean them up.

If you want to the read the story click on the link below...

Learn More About This >


Like a raft with a front and a back?

Take a look at this YOUTUBE link. The new 425 SQUAREBACK

Chunky , stable, load carrier a big boat for the buck

It's not all about being a Whitewater Warrior

Getting on a river can be just simple Kiwi fun. Ask the Crew at Manukau canoe club. They recently had a weekend down at Glenfalls  on the Mohaka.They took the RED420 and a bunch of kayaks. They floated from Bridge to Glenfalls and the following day Glenfalls to Everrets. They took a gang of kids and parents in kayaks. Mike from RED rowed the 420 and parents looked after the youngsters on the boats. Other parents tuned up their river skills and ran safety, just in case. A great weekend was had by all-camping, river fun, skills-just plain easy.

So consider the investment. A 5 metre powerboat can cost around $40,000. A fully rigged RED raft, paddles PFDs  and safety gear will cost about 1/10th of that. We suggest getting Graham Charles' Whitewater Guide and pick a few rivers that will suit and get out there.

Easy as....with RED


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