Here's some places to go, things that we've shot , things that we like. From Tourism to Real Estate & Industry, also a few things that we just plain like...

Seeing as we've been around the country quite a bit (we have a panoramic images stock library on hand if you need one or two) We thought  we'd put up some pictures of some things we've shot so you can have a look.

Enjoy yourself...take a trip without leaving your chair.


Take a hike

Or what we call in NZ "go tramping". This is the Milford track, which is one of NZs Great Walks, but there's lots of great walks in NZ. All you have to do is get your correct footwear on and go.....


Dive Fiordland

This is a black coral tree. Lulled into false security by the low light levels you can see black coral in fiordland in depths around 100-130'

This beauty is on the wall of Mitre Peak.


When you can't ski at Whakapapa

Or , if the weather's downright crap. Drive halfway up the Bruce rd, stop where you see the Silica Rapids Walk sign. Follow the track (somewhere about 45 mins by memory). The silica has formed flowstone over which the rapids run.

Bay Of Islands  Activities and scenery

Catch a marlin In the Bay of Islands

No-this wasn't a setup. We were bobbing about snapper fishing near the hole in the rock and MV Striker (pictured) waved us off. They were just about to hook up-and they did.

The lucky angler landed the fish right there.


Jump off a cliff in the Port Hills

Lots of people do! Just don't forget your paraglider....


Walk the Abel Tasman

Walk the Abel Tasman or paddle some of it-the choice is yours.

Makes it all the more special when someone like Lena is along to carry your heavy stuff (which she is really good at)


Go to Mesopotamia

Get yourself to a real sheep station . Up in the hills. Eat mutton every day, and when you run out , steal the dogs mutton, as we did (it was frozen). Cook it all day and it tastes like heaven.

Tongariro activities 100809

Walk in the Tongariro National Park

The first National Park in New Zealand, and rightly so. Go with Graham Charles , who is now a famous polar explorer and kayak guidebook writer. Enjoy being around big volcanoes, some of which are still active....


Tane Mahuta, Waipoua Kauri Forest

I once turned up here and a person I was with thought the tree was fake and made of concrete. It's that big.

It's not, by the way.








Properties & Real Estate

Having Aerials on your property portfolio-be your property for sale or just showing what you do, where you are, is important. With our drones we can shoot aerial videos and stills to give The Client the best impression of where you are. Below are a few examples...

kauri 9
Scholsens HERO

Lifestyle properties






Structures-in this case a windmill...


mangawhai plan 2 copy

Large properties/farms


op theatre 2


_GEX8218 copy




Rodney Surgical Centre


_GEX7526 copy



guest wing 4


Here's how some video can make your property sing...

Click on the Sony next door for some aerials...

Abel Tasman Nat park Kayak  106205

Kayak the Abel Tasman

How could you not! Just ensure the tide is rising on those gorgeous coastal inlets when you paddle on up.

If not, you can guess what happens...and you miss the magic of paddling on your own shadow.


Pioneer Pass

Downright pioneering, and truly wonderful. Go with someone who knows what they're doing, Like Alpine Guides Westland.

Watch the weather.....


Lake McKenzie, Routeburn Track

Great place to have night one of your Routeburn Experience. Sit down by the lake and drink it all in (the views..not ..well) at evening time.

East cape area 102043

Dawn over Mt Hikurangi, East Cape

The first place to see the dawn of the new millennium. I'm sure there were more comfortable places to be than sitting on the floor of a Bell Jet ranger, but it was good to be there....

Routeburn track 103673

More bloody great walking

Okay..get the idea we like walks? This is the Routeburn again.

This may not be the last....


Pinot Noir , Queenstown

And when you have had enough of walking, jet boating, rafting and gawking at the scenery try Lake Hayes Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.


Alpine Guides Fox Glacier Heli Hike 107445

Meanwhile, back in the mountains.

When you've finished your heli hike on Fox Glacier , just squawk on the radio that you're tired and you'd like a lift. Bingo. Your squirrel awaits.

Bay Of Islands  Activities and scenery

Roberton Island, Bay of Islands

First of the large islands you come across as you come around Tapeka Point . You can't miss it (it's on the left ). It's the place you'll say "Who lives there??"  Snorkel the eco trail at full tide on the ocean side


Bay Of Islands  Activities and scenery

Urupukapuka Passage, Bay of Islands

Just around from the aptly named "Paradise Bay" . Made even more special by the blooming pohutakawas.








Bay Of Islands  Activities and scenery

Bay of Islands

When the pohutakawas are in bloom , and the sea is flat then the Bay is the place to be.

dolphins BOI Kings Tours

Bay of Islands

Pods of dolphins cruise around the waterways. It's easy to find them as there are pods of humans following them on commercial dolphin spotting cruises. They're pretty special- just remember to take a long lens and keep your distance


Bay of Islands again....

Sometimes the dolphins will come and find you. They can't resist an interesting bow wave.

Bay Of Islands  Activities and scenery

Bay of Islands, Summer.

The only problem with high summer is that parking is at a premium. Best to go late season, when everyone has left, and you have the place to yourself.

Oh-and the dolphins, of course...


Seaward Kaikouras

First light looking towards the mountains. There's a great place just along the coastline where you can watch the sun come up while you sip your morning cuppa.

kaikoura  102899

Inland Kaikouras

In between the Inland and seaward Kaikouras is the Clarence River. Take a week-maybe more if you have the time -and drift on down.

See Ben at Clarence River Rafting-he'll look after you.


Omaha Estuary

Where we call home. these people are collecting shellfish on the bar. The dog is watching out for dolphins....


Auckland Harbour

They don't call it the City of Sails for nothing you know.....

Hokianga Harbour 103560

Hokianga Harbour

On the West coast of the North Island -not far from the Kauri forest, not that far from the Bay of Islands.

The tidal rip at the mouth is legendary